Yoga, Music, and Union: a Personal Reflection

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Music Mondays | 4 comments

Editor: Here at HॐlloYogaWorld we’re interested in exploring all the ways humans experience Union, or the “absence of separation,” a core concept of Yoga. As a pianist and composer (and co-founder of HॐlloYogaWorld), Renara Akhoundova Frizzell experiences this union through an encounter with herself, through music. This is the first in a series of Music Monday Blog Posts, where we’ll explore the relationship between music and yoga. Here we share with you the personal reflections of the artist, and a video set to her composition Tsunami.

Where does Yoga begin?

At what point in my life did I first come to yoga?

When did I have the first, albeit unconscious, sensation of yoga?

I think I had this sensation from the first time I touched the piano, when, as a three-year old child, I first touched the keys and began to play children’s melodies which I had internalized.

At that moment, sitting on the bench in my home in Baku, I entered an invisible inner world which was one with the universe. This inner world revealed a palette of sounds which could be heard by an invisible inner instrument and translated to sounds emanating from the piano.

I think this is exactly how my path of Yoga began.

I have quite a long and eclectic history. Over the course of my life I have met different masters and carried within the wisdom gleaned from books. Only when I met my authentic self, however, thanks to Marshall Rosenberg (founder of Nonviolent Communication), did I find “my” music.

There I met myself as I am, with deep empathy, and the music began to flow from the Divine Source.

In these moments of musical creation I became one inseparable whole. In that place of Union there were no boundaries, no nationality or ethnicity, no restrictions, and no separation. Concepts like “good” and “bad” became meaningless. Union, a single whole – the absence of separation. I experience Yoga most powerfully when I improvise together with a live audience. At these moments, when I become one with everyone in the space, I live that Unity in full.

Yoga means Union.

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  1. Kelsie

    Amazing! Always so inspiring to hear Renara play 🎹

  2. Tad

    I’ve witnessed many times your ability to unite a room full of hundreds of people through music. I’ve watched their tears flow when the music touches those places, both painful and beautiful, deep inside them. Yours is a special gift, one the world needs now more than ever.

  3. Michael Smith

    Such beautiful words and no words for the exquisite music of the ONE universe “one song” you express or is expressed through you, your music, your life and your yoga!

  4. Michael

    Can’t wait for more Music Mondays


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