Yoga Beginners’ Questions (Part 1)

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yoga beginners' questions

Are you new to yoga? Nowadays, as yoga gets more and more popular there is a lot of information online but it may be hard to find the answers to your most basic questions.

So if you’re thinking “I would love some help in getting started with my yoga practice! I am wanting to start a yoga practice, and don’t know what to do!”, we have prepared a series for you! 

In this first part of the series, we have gathered some initial questions for you. Let’s break down a few basic matters:

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient wisdom that is based on eight limbs. These limbs constitute a discipline where you practice certain ethics, physical exercises, breath exercises and meditation. Yoga simply means “union”. When we are in a state of yoga, our minds are calm and quiet. We are present in our body, with all that entails, and we are also centered in the present moment. If you want to read more, you can visit the full article here.

Why should I start to practice yoga? 

The answer may be as broad as there are billions of people! Each one has a reason for starting. The benefits can include improved mental and emotional wellbeing, physical health and feeling connected to each other and whatever we consider divine. Initially we can start practicing to heal an injury, be with the community, or to relieve stress. There are many other reasons to practice! 

Who is yoga for? 

Some may be led to believe, based on fancy photos from Instagram, Yoga Journal and the like, that only young able bodies can practice. Thankfully this is a false idea! Anyone who has a body and can breathe can practice yoga. Poses and movements like asana and vinyasa are only one part of the yoga universe! Yoga is also how we treat others. It’s about finding our breath and breathing on purpose, with or without the poses. Yoga is meditation, and the constant dance between striving to work in our practice, and letting go into surrender. So, without question, yoga is for everyone.

Where should I take my first class?

When you decide to practice with a teacher or go to a class there are a few criteria you can keep in mind. The most important thing for any kind of devoted practice, sadhana as we call it, is to be consistent. So you should prioritize a sustainable practice. We have posted some detailed information on how to start your yoga journey in a separate article.

If you’re a beginner who is just now encountering yoga, look through the many articles on our HelloYogaWorld Blog. There you’ll find a wide range of articles about everything from the Neuroscience of Yoga to reflections on Yoga in everyday life “off the mat”. You can also visit our YouTube channel to watch recordings of our monthly Global Flows, where people from around the world come together to practice different forms of yoga online.

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  1. Tad

    Thank you Hümeyra for an excellent post to share with beginners. There are so many links they can follow to go deeper! Looking forward to Part 2.


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