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Like most NFT and crypto-related communities, HelloYogaWorld started out in Discord.

If you’ve spent any time on crypto-Twitter, you’ve seen the calls for an alternative to Discord, which was originally created for gamers. Discord offers a chaotic experience. The coding is heavy, video chats can fail, and the platform is rife with scammers. Geneva was created to solve these problems and offer a more mainstream, safe, and welcoming experience for a diverse range of communities.

With the Geneva app, users sign up using a phone number.

You don’t have to give Geneva (or HelloYogaWorld) your email address. You simply create your account by entering a verification code (delivered by SMS) and using your real name. Not only does this make using Geneva easier for everyone, it also prevents the creation of bot and scammer accounts. Discord uses email for account creation, and we found that newcomers to HelloYogaWorld often got stuck at the email verification step. Our team spent a lot of time helping users overcome this, and we often had difficulty knowing “who’s who” in our Discord. With Geneva, those problems disappear.

Geneva has all mobile apps for iOS and Android, a Mac desktop app, and can be used in a web browser on PCs.

Many of us have stopped using Facebook and other “big-tech” platforms for a number of reasons. While Facebook groups are convenient ways to organize communities, they are also giant data-harvesting tools. Not only is every word you write collected in your digital dossier (so to speak), you can also expose yourself to bad actors and interactions with fake accounts. Geneva wasn’t created to harvest data – that’s not their business model. 

In fact, Geneva is a web3 product which is intended for progressive decentralization.

They’ll eventually make money by taking commissions on in-app merchandise and NFT purchases. Some web3 features are already built in, and many more are on the way. For now, they’re working hard to create a safe, clean, and welcoming platform for people like us. Geneva administrators can’t even see inside a Home they haven’t joined themselves. There’s no “God mode”. The HelloYogaWorld team is in full control of our Home and can moderate accordingly.

Geneva has tripled its user base since the beginning of 2022 and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it from other groups, communities and brands you love.

Geneva certainly has a more mainstream feel than Discord, and we believe it will offer a far better experience for yoga practitioners who are just now entering the world of NFTs and crypto through an encounter with HelloYogaWorld.

If you want a quick tutorial on how to use Geneva, watch this video:

To invite others to join our HelloYogaWorld Home in Geneva, simply share this link.

And if you want a short script to accompany your invitation, we’ve got you covered.

Copy and paste this into your direct message: “Our global yoga community is getting together online using a smooth new app called Geneva. All you need to create an account is your phone number (no email signup required). Just a few clicks and you’re in. Join the HelloYogaWorld community chat using this link: https://links.geneva.com/invite/07da70b4-269a-4805-a17d-c5250fb6b887.”

If you’re already in Geneva, you can create your own personalized invitation link to replace the one above (created by Tina Rose).

We hope to see you soon in our very own HelloYogaWorld Geneva Home as our global yoga community starts a new year together.

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