What is Mindfulness?

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Mindfulness & Meditation | 3 comments

what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means “conscious awareness.” It is the awareness of the state of being aware.

There is a consciousness, a witness in you which perceives and observes the present moment. When you intentionally bring your focus to this witnessing state, you practice mindfulness.

I know this may sound too abstract if you are not familiar with the practice! At this stage today in modern society, the analytical point of view which predicates human existence on the mind only dominates and shapes how we think of ourselves. The “Western mind” as we call it, has developed in such a way that we see ourselves as composed of thoughts only, and so we navigate through our lives based on the assumption that our thoughts reflect reality. What if I told you that you are not your mind?

The mind is a fundamental pillar of our being. It is the part which does the thinking, constantly producing questions and answers.

We need the mind to stay alive, solving problems and developing strategies. However its nature is to be scattered all around! It keeps reminding you of all possible outcomes in your life, creating questions and scenarios, wandering around the past and maybe bringing up old conversations over and over again. Because that’s what the mind would do if you let it take the wheel!

According to ancient eastern teachings like Yoga, we need to train the mind so we can make use of it. Otherwise, the mind is the one that uses you. The mind tends to either be in the past, in the future, or making judgements about what’s happening in the present moment. Constantly commenting on and analyzing reality. Mindfulness is to experience and embody the moment as it is.

The moment you realize that your thoughts are just the reflections and projections of what’s happening, you cease giving too much credit to what your mind says. Instead, presence begins.

Recall and visualize your state as a child. Playing games and enjoying the moment were easy, because you were purely in the experience! You weren’t making plans or thinking what to do next, nor were you considering what someone had told you days earlier. When you focus all your attention to the moment, a transition from “doing” to “being” happens—that’s the state we want to catch a glimpse of. Just to “be”, as we are…

It’s easier to practice mindfulness than trying to explain what it really is. In next week’s post we will share some of the most basic beginner tips to start with here for you. So stay tuned! 


*Namaste means to salute in Sanskrit. It is used in a sense to greet and honor the great spirit in the person

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  1. Tad

    I love that you mention our state of being when we were children. I think about this a lot. Perhaps this is why I and many other people I have met experienced a state of union and non-separation (i.e. had a mystical experience) as a child. The space was open then, because we were just being, experiencing everything in the present moment. This is why I love the lyrics of Van Morrison in “On Hyndford Street” – “Take me back, take me way, way, way back / On Hyndford Street / Where you could feel the silence at half past eleven / On long summer nights / As the wireless played Radio Luxembourg / And the voiced whispered across Beech River / In the quietness as we sank into restful slumber in the silence / And carried on dreaming / in God….And it’s always being now, and it’s always being now. It’s always now.” It’s the song of memory for that experience of childhood, something we try to return to through Presence in adulthood.

  2. Michael

    Love this! It’s not funny how in my mind I think… I think I know all about Mindfulness like a know it all! Which is exactly the trap of my mind preventing me being present. Such great insights and beautiful approachable ways of sharing this deep moment to moment way of being…🙏🏼

  3. Hümeyra Cengiz

    Thanks a lot for your contributions Michael&Tad ! Being able to inspire each other is such a gift.


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