What I Have Learned from 7 Years of Yoga: A Personal Reflection

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Yoga Basics | 1 comment

What Have I Learned from 7 Years of Yoga: A Personal Reflection

When I was in yoga teacher training, the instructor told us one day “I’ve been doing yoga for 14 years now. Every year, I surmised yoga as something else.”

Today, 7 years since I first encountered yoga and after 4 years of practice, I feel the same way.

As I increase my ability to tap into deeper and deeper parts of my being, new understandings are continuously opening up. First, the asana practice has started to shape my body – the boundaries of my physical body have opened up. My ego started to lower its voice. I was doing some poses that I thought I could never do. Whenever I think that my energy is over and I can’t keep going, I find even more energy. That’s when I realized that my ideas about what “I am” can be deceptive. My idea about myself is not the reality, it’s just a reflection of the reality projected through my mind. Through meditation, I started to learn that I am not my mind.

Today, as beautiful souls on this earth, we are mostly used to interpreting reality with our minds and navigating our lives upon what we “think”.

As we stretch the boundaries of our minds, we become open to understanding more, receiving more and accepting more. Every day, I am seeing more and more that my body is a mesmerizing device that can feel all the spectrum of being a human. Every emotion, every state of existence…Every little joy of living in a physical body – and yet anger, fear, pain or disappointment at the same time. Failure, success, relationships, injuries or pandemic…

Life is an endless pool filled with possibilities, every type of experience we could ever imagine. We are little pieces of consciousness where all these experiences are manifested. Experiences come and go. There is a witness inside who observes this manifestation. For me, yoga was the first tool that initiated me to this wisdom.

So, whatever I could say about yoga would be mere reflections of my experience so far. Yes, it is a series of tools that can carry you towards a higher truth of life. Not only moving your body, not only sitting cross-legged for hours; it’s the science of being able to see how those little pieces of consciousness are connected as a one big consciousness which can only be experienced. 

As I transform, my yoga is transforming.

On the mat, off the mat, sipping my coffee or having hard conversations… It is all yoga. Yes, I surmised yoga as different things within time. At the moment, my practice is to not to assume, not to be mistaken that I “know”. 

Finally, I would like to share one of my favorite songs with you:


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  1. Tad

    Thank you Hümeyra for this deeply insightful personal reflection. So much wisdom here.


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