One Musician’s Vision for Mother Earth: A Call to Action

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Call to Action, Music Mondays | 3 comments

What is my vision for HelloYogaWorld and our Calls to Action, which have now begun with the communal mission to reduce our waste and consumption?

I want to see the return of biodiversity. I want all the animals, the birds, the bees, and the variety of insects to return and thrive. I want to see the oceans and seas cleansed, the rivers in full flow and Mother Earth dancing, singing Hallelujah.

I would feel this flourishing in every cell  – not only mine but in the cells of our children and grandchildren and all subsequent generations. After all, my precious body, which was lent to me by Mother Earth to hold my soul during this present course of evolution. On this earthly path my body and the soil are made of the same elements.

More than ever, I feel responsible for everything I do and think, because what I do and think reflect back to Mother Earth. We need – like we need oxygen –responsibility and full awareness in every present moment. This awareness, this concern for Mother Earth must be borne in everyday actions. How much water am I using? How do I sort and manage my waste? How can I reduce this waste to zero? What I wear, what I use, what I do every day with regard to my impact on the Earth – today these have become critical daily concerns.

Knowing is not doing. Doing is doing, and this doing can become Being.

I’m happy that today I am with people who want the same, and that together under the banner of HelloYogaWorld we are striving toward the same goals. Each of us is a leader, each of us is a Source of this vision for our planet. This video, where scenes of my beloved Tuscan countryside are set to my composition “I Can Fly”, fully reflects my love, gratitude, and awe toward the beauty and generosity of Mother Earth. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We’re the ones who can make it happen. Together we can bring health, mindfulness, and love to our beautiful world. We are already – together – healing ourselves and healing the world.

Our Mother Earth is loving and abundantly generous toward us. May our devotion be the same to her. Join our Call to Action here.


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  1. Kelsie Leonhardt

    All I can say is Wow! Every time Renara speaks it is so pure and genuine. Renara, your words are what my heart craves to hear. I know I am definitely not the only person that feels that way. Thank you for your wisdom. It is so valuable to our yoga fam. We love you!

  2. Michael

    Love your words, strength and convictions. Your music is so amazing too. Can’t wait for music Mondays to start

  3. Tina Rose

    WOW! This is what I love about our project. The heart and soul we put into all aspects of yoga on and off the mat, and the consciousness we bring to one another through our passions and talents.


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