Your Global Yoga Passport

HlloYogaWorld is your portal into the future, not only of yoga, but of the way you interact with like-minded people online. Our Yoga World NFT Passport is your proof of membership – a digital key to a lifetime of benefits.

Why a Yoga World NFT Passport?

As global yogis we’re going places. Our world is one, so let’s explore it. Our national passports might be useful at the airport (sometimes and for some) but they also divide us. They signal which nation is monitoring, restricting, and controlling our movements.


Yoga World NFT Passports are Different

They enable us to travel the world of yoga freely, to experience HॐlloYogaWorld events – IRL (in real life), in VR (virtual reality), and even in VR² (vicarious reality) thanks to our fellow global yogis. This is a passport which unites us around something we value and believe in: the power of Yoga.

Sacred Geometry, 7 Chakra Colors, and 4 Yoga Paths

Our artist (Tina Rose) designed the details of our passports around sacred geometry and the 4 paths of yoga: Bhakti, Raja, Jñana, and Karma. The 11,111 NFT Collection includes the seven chakra colors plus 11 unique “1 of 1” passports (scroll down for a sneak peak).

The ONE: A Symbol our Unity

There’s one passport which will never be sold, however. This is The ONE, an exquisite white design which will, as a symbol of our unity, forever reside in our DAO treasury. After the ONE was minted, it passed through the wallets of each of our Core Team members. View the blockchain history of this special NFT on Solscan.

Your Yoga World NFT Passport is a Membership NFT with Web3 Utility. What are the benefits associated with HlloYogaWorld Membership?

Access to a Global Yoga Community

• Monthly Global Yoga Flow
• Free proof of attenance eSTAMPS
• Deepen your personal practice
• Form relationships with yogis around the world
• Chance to win airfare and other community raffle prizes

Discounted Access to:

• HॐlloYogaWorld Merchandise
• Partner Brand Merchandise
• IRL Yoga Experiences
• IRL Travel Experiences

HॐlloYogaWorld DAO Governance

• Help shape the future of the DAO
• Help engineer the future of YogaFi
• DAO voting rights on key issues
• Join DAO committees to design experiences
• Earn bounties for DAO work

Watch as our artist Tina Rose describes the creative process behind her inspired designs.

Ten lucky people will mint unique 1 of 1 passports. Here’s a sneak peek at the exquisite art which could end up in your wallet: