HelloYogaWorld DAO Announces Call To Action To Reduce Unnecessary Trash And Consumption

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Part of the HelloYogaWorld mission is to regenerate Mother Earth. Every month, a Call to Action theme is chosen by HelloYogaWorld members. The current theme is to reduce the production of unnecessary trash and consumption.

Press Release: Salt Lake City, Utah (Newsworthy.ai) Wednesday Aug 24, 2022 @ 3:15 PM Central —

HelloYogaWorld, a decentralized, autonomous organization (DAO) and global community of yoga enthusiasts with a collective interest in building a healthier society and sustainable future, has announced a call to action to preserve the Earth by reducing the production of unnecessary trash and consumption.

The REDUCE campaign was designed to inspire and motivate people to take steps to stop producing unnecessary volumes of trash and waste. The Call to Action is meant to provoke small changes that have the potential to make a big impact and ultimately help preserve the planet. It engages people on a global scale and offers a supportive ecosystem to take responsibility for our own carbon footprint and pollution output.

“Our community is global and that’s what makes our Call to Action especially interesting,” says Tad Frizzell, a member of the HelloYogaWorld team. “So much of what we can change personally, and the challenges associated with those changes, depend on local infrastructure, political will, and activism. Through our HelloYogaWorld Call to Action, we can get a better view of how individuals are reacting to the global ecological crisis where they are. We can all take actions to reduce our consumption and waste output.”

The HelloYogaWorld DAO operates in Web3 with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the infrastructure. HelloYogaWorld is open to anyone and everyone. Members purchase (mint) NFT art for 1.08 Solana in their Phantom Wallet app to participate in this meaningful global community and gain access to private spaces.

In the midst of the Web3 technological revolution, HelloYogaWorld is creating exciting new opportunities for people to organize themselves around a common goal, shared values, and collective mission. HelloYogaWorld is harnessing the power of yoga, positively affecting every country, religion, race, language, gender, and orientation, and manifesting an organized global community of practitioners who want to heal themselves and the world. Web3 turns would-be consumers into stakeholders. The NFT model takes the hassle out of transactions, so the global community is possible.

“The vision for HelloYogaWorld is to see the return of biodiversity, oceans, and seas cleansed, and the rivers in full flow,” says Renara Akhounddova Frizzell, Pianist & Composer, and member of the HelloYogaWorld team. “Our awareness and concern for Mother Earth must be borne in everyday actions. How much water am I using? How do I sort and manage my waste? How can I reduce this waste to zero? What I wear, what I use, and what I do every day with regard to my impact on the Earth – today these have become critical daily concerns. Knowing is not doing. Doing is doing, and this doing can become Being”

Participants in HelloYogaWorld calls to action themes will be gifted unique eSTAMPS – digital collectibles which they can keep in their crypto wallet alongside their Yoga World NFT Passport. The HelloYogaWorld NFT Passport is a Web3 utility token, a proof of membership that unlocks rewards such as discounts on sustainably-sourced merchandise, IRL events, and yoga-focused travel prizes.

For more information on HelloYogaWorld membership, this month’s call to action, and instructions for participating please visit HelloYogaWorld.com.

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