HelloYogaWorld is a global community of 11,111 yoga enthusiasts combining ancient wisdom with crypto-economics to elevate human consciousness and regenerate our Mother Earth.

Vision & Mission

Yoga is a global phenomenon; a sleeping giant which – if properly organized and funded – has the potential to awaken and influence the evolution of our world. We believe everyone should be exposed to the practical and spiritual applications of yoga.
While respecting its roots and its ancient beginnings, we do not support the idea that “yoga” belongs to – or can be owned by – any one country, corporation, lineage, or celebrity. We believe the practices of Yoga/Meditation/Self-Realization raise global consciousness and impact the world positively; thus we consider Yoga a public good. Now, more than ever, the entire planet needs more yoga – specifically the practices and principles which reduce suffering and elevate consciousness.

What is HelloYogaWorld?

We are a nascent global community of people who love yoga and are using the power of crypto-economics to organize an economy around yoga as a public good. We believe that more people doing more yoga will make the world a much better place.
We also know that travel, both virtual and in-real-life, makes others into brothers and sisters. Imagine being able, through crypto-economics, to reward people for meditating, being of service to others, studying, self-studying, moving mindfully, learning from other cultures, and essentializing each other. HelloYogaWorld is creating a platform which gives us that opportunity. 

Who can join the HelloYogaWorld community?

We believe that everyone should be exposed to the practical and spiritual applications of yoga. Thus, HelloYogaWorld is open to anyone and everyone. To gain access to our private spaces and participate meaningfully in this community, however, you will need to purchase one of our Yoga World NFT Passports. With this passport in your Solana wallet (our preferred wallet is Phantom), you will be able to access our community chat, virtual and IRL (in real life) events, and other benefits to be rolled out as described in our Roadmap.

Why are we using NFTs and crypto-economics to achieve our goals?

We are in the midst of a technological revolution, one which is often called Web3. This is a revolution which is creating exciting new opportunities for communities of people who choose to organize themselves around a common goal, shared values, and collective mission. While such communities have always been able to organize themselves for the purposes of communication and collective action, the nature of Web3 makes it possible for these communities to create their own economy – one built around whatever the community values most.
What we call “public goods” are those things which (in a healthy society) belong to and are available to everyone. Tragically, public goods are chronically undervalued and underfunded by societies (like ours) which are preoccupied with internal and external conflicts. Money is sent to wars, for example, rather than parks and playgrounds. HelloYogaWorld, then, is simply a global community which proclaims yoga a public good and proposes to build an economy around the value we place on yoga as an effective way to elevate consciousness and reduce suffering.
Web3 turns would-be consumers into stakeholders. This means, for example, that HelloYogaWorld is not building a platform for the purposes of collecting and selling your data. Are you tired of logging into websites with your email and password? The day is coming when you’ll connect anonymously to the online services you love through your crypto-wallet.
HelloYogaWorld is your portal into the future not only of yoga, but of the way you interact with like-minded people online.

Why Yoga (and Yogis)? A Call to Unity and Action: “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”

We know things need to change, but who will change things? Who is going to connect, unite, and regenerate the world, if not us? Will governments, politicians, a political ideology, religions, the media, or corporations do it for us? We can do this by creating non-hierarchical, decentralized systems, based on the tenets and principles of Yoga, made accessible to the world through the technology of web3, regeneration, and the blockchain.
By creating an economy around yoga as a public good, we can harness the power of yoga, positively affect every country, religion, race, language, gender, and orientation, and manifest an organized global community of practitioners who want to heal themselves and the world.

If you want to be a part of the future of yoga…

 If you want to combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge blockchain technology for greater impact…

If you want to be part of a micro-economy organized entirely around yoga as a public good…

If you want to connect and collaborate with yogis around the world, make new friends and experience other cultures…

If you want to explore the potential of yoga as a force for regeneration in our own lives and those of others, as well as for the planet as a whole…



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