Reduce: Our August 2022 Call to Action

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Part of the HelloYogaWorld mission is to regenerate Mother
Earth. Once a month, a Call to Action game will be announced.
These games call for small changes in daily behaviors that have a BIG impact on our carbon footprint.

Participants will be gifted unique eSTAMPS – digital collectibles
which they can keep in their crypto wallet alongside their Yoga
World NFT Passport. Our NFT Passport is a Web3 utility token, a
proof of membership which unlocks rewards such as discounts
on sustainably-sourced merchandise, IRL events, and yoga-focused
travel prizes.

Reduce: HelloYogaWorld Call to Action August 2022


Play to Earn

• Read the monthly Call to Action theme
• Participate and tag us: Provide a photo and short written reflection of your experience in at least one of the following…
  1. Geneva Home
  2. Twitter tag @helloyogaworld and use hashtag #helloyogaworldnft and #calltoaction
  3. Instagram tag @helloyogaworlddao and use hashtag #helloyogaworldnft and #calltoaction
• Earn eSTAMPS and rewards (custom digital art and raffle tokens delivered to your Solana crypto wallet)
HelloYogaWorld Call to Action August 2022

REDUCE: Everything Starts with You

Choose One…

Purchase Reusable Items

Avoid using single-use plastic by bringing your own water
bottle, coffee cups, utensils, straws, or shopping bags.

Buy in Bulk

Find a store near you to buy in bulk. Notice the amount of trash
produced from food packaging at grocery stores.

Buy Local

Buy local and from Farmer’s Markets. Be mindful of the trash
produced by home deliveries. Bring your own bags.

Or, come up with your own way to
reduce waste and tag us!

HelloYogaWorld Call to Action August 2022

Looking for Inspiration? Watch HelloYogaWorld co-founder Kelsie Leonhardt describe the actions she’s taking to meet our Call to Action.

Download a PDF of the Call to Action

Join the Conversation

HlloYogaWorld is a global yoga community like no other. We’re combining ancient wisdom with blockchain technology to build an economy around yoga, elevate human consciousness, and regenerate our Mother Earth. Join us in our Discord server where we build, chat, and make announcements about upcoming events. From there you’ll also get exclusive access to our Yoga World NFT Passport pre-sale. Click the button below to get started today.


  1. Tad

    This is a great initiative. I just posted my first reflection in Discord and have several more in mind. I’m interested to see what people in different parts of the world do about recycling, shopping, and composting. It’s easier to do the necessary things here in Paris but we can do much better and I have some changes in mind. Let’s go HelloYogaWorld!

  2. Renara

    Yes ‘n Thank you for this call !! I admire people who in silence and humility just do it Like this couple from Brasil.
    If they can do this Beautiful work it means each person can do it !
    At the I contribute financially for planting to two fondations , and 67 cents you can buy nothing in USA but in India is one one tree for example…so I know that every month in India someone plant for me 14 trees and from this month I can do more .
    Tree sisters also make a great job , nothing in the world can replace the trees for breathing pure air . I put my mindfulness to waste and support 0 waste stores and fashion . Clean beach ,take care of water spend it economically when taking shower and washing dishes.
    I practice Walking instead car
    Thank you for this Call and Alarm 🙏🙏🙏


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