A Vision for a Beautiful, Borderless Planet

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Music Mondays | 3 comments

Look how beautiful she is, our Mother–Planet Earth, our common home.

When we observe her from another point in the Cosmos (by the way, we are all inherently “cosmos”), we don’t see borders or notice customs checkpoints. We human beings built the barbed wires and walls with our own hands, with our brains saturated by the limiting impulse of fear.

If they had told me from childhood that am the Cosmos, that I and the Father Mother, the Feminine and Masculine aspects of God, are one inseparable whole, and that living from this unity with the whole is the essence of unconditional love; if they had taught me gratitude for every inhalation and exhalation, and that everything around me is a different form of Me; if they taught this not only to me but to every child who burst forth innocent from the mother’s womb, would we feel the need to divide ourselves behind borders and fight?

I am extremely happy and grateful to live in an era of complete transformation, when we can understand the matter and return to the Essence and Source of all living things.

I am happy that we are creating this together with my beloved people of HelloYogaWorld, that I understand and know that there are no limits in Love and everything is absolutely possible.

The main thing is to want and to do, to create together. Today I know that God and I are inseparable and this divine power and essence, which I bring to the world through creativity, abides in me. Today I know that a perfect balance in the world is possible, that we can restore the harmony of that amazing feminine and beautiful masculine divine energy in me. I know that Yoga–a technology of human potential-is beyond religion.

We live in a golden era of miracles, when we can combine the wisdom of the ages with the technical innovations of today.

My vision is for a World where happiness is every child’s birthright, where each of us is a co-creator who rejoices in the service of Life.

There may be cataclysms–I don’t know. Perhaps such cataclysms are the only way to teach a humanity which has lost its way. But I know that in the end, love will prevail.

Look again at how beautiful she is, our Mother–Planet Earth, our common home. What is your vision for her?

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  1. Tad

    Many people feel powerless today, but feeling powerless is a choice, isn’t it? Our mission at HelloYogaWorld is indeed to empower people, to tell them “yes, you can” and together we can. Thank you Renara for bringing the vision and beauty with your words and music!

  2. Michael

    Wow!!! Yes what if you were taught to see the oneness as a child along with all of the children… I think you saw it, you knew it all along. Such powerful words and music to play with these words of life, love, oneness and joy. There’s a new world waiting for us to step into for sure. Your words, music and vision are pulling me there. I feel it!

  3. Dana Baptiste

    This is a perfect example of love instead of fear, wonder rather than having all the answers, being open and receptive instead of closed and contracted. Thank you.


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